Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nathan Bransford's contest... continued

The following is a bit more of my Middle Grade Novel, GARN... hope you enjoy!

The clanging of a not too distant bell catches Pink Eyes attention. Danny follows him in a quick swerve off their path. Pink Eyes doesn't look back, but Danny can't help himself. Behind them, kicking up mounds of dust, is a huge and thoroughly strange animal; something Danny's never seen anywhere - not even in books. It plows through and over throngs of panting, sweating, and yelling Deepworlders. From front to back it's best described as possessing the gigantic head of a dust mite with the shoulders of an Elephant and the back end of a Buffalo. Three men ride this creature. One rings a large schoolyard bell, doing his best to warn others away. Another pretends handling the reins attached to the beast's tusk-like mouth parts, and the third sits atop saddlebags full of scavenged loot which pounds against the animal's side with each ponderous stride. Through Danny's neck tether, Pink Eyes senses the boy's slowing. He turns and jerks hard distracting Danny's fascination from the creature. Danny's minds this reprimand and quickens his pace. As they pass, the bell ringer smiles and waves at Danny. Not knowing why, Danny returns the wave; maybe because it's the first friendly gesture he's seen.

Haste yee back ;-)

Story copyright of Robert Wahl

Monday, October 5, 2009

Publishing... life on speculation

Ever wonder what's it like facing a blank page - everyday? Well, lookie here ---------------->

Yep, which way to go? There are as many words as leaves on those trees. Which are right? How do you tell? Should I use that one, or that one over there? Path? Right way? Geeze, this is hard. And no one's pointing me true north! What if I get lost and end up wondering like this the rest of my life? Hey, you chose it. No one said you had to.

Maybe I can find some help!

Ahhh... there she is! The good ship Literary Agent. Look at her, sailing so confident. Oh, she must know the way. She must! But, how do I get aboard?
I know...

I'll throw her a Query! One wretched soul trying to get noticed. Yep, that's life on speculation! Ya just gotta love it.

Haste yee back ;-)
Artwork copyright of Robert Wahl