Monday, October 5, 2009

Publishing... life on speculation

Ever wonder what's it like facing a blank page - everyday? Well, lookie here ---------------->

Yep, which way to go? There are as many words as leaves on those trees. Which are right? How do you tell? Should I use that one, or that one over there? Path? Right way? Geeze, this is hard. And no one's pointing me true north! What if I get lost and end up wondering like this the rest of my life? Hey, you chose it. No one said you had to.

Maybe I can find some help!

Ahhh... there she is! The good ship Literary Agent. Look at her, sailing so confident. Oh, she must know the way. She must! But, how do I get aboard?
I know...

I'll throw her a Query! One wretched soul trying to get noticed. Yep, that's life on speculation! Ya just gotta love it.

Haste yee back ;-)
Artwork copyright of Robert Wahl


  1. Are all these illustrations yours? They're amazing! I love the first one on this post particularly.

  2. Casey,
    Yep, all these are mine. I quit med school to become an artist... well, it was the late 60's. I'm self taught... thanks for noticing! If ya want to see more visit - member=PXYY.

    Casey, thank you so much for visiting my site... luv ya!

    Haste yee back ;-)